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Meet The Staff

Kim Zanks

Veterinary Receptionist since January 2005

Kim is our daytime receptionist.  She grew up on her grandparent’s farm here in Ellington and loves all kinds of animals.    She now lives in nearby Tolland with her husband and children.   “I love it here.  Every day brings something new.  We have the best clients.  It’s easy to work with people who love pets as much as I do.”  Kim is extremely passionate about animals.  She was in the local 4H when in school, and now enjoys raising rabbits, goats, ducks, chickens and other animals on her hobby farm.  She and her family have two dogs (Emma and Hunter) and three cats (Casper, Munchkin and Twitch).  

Crystal Willis

Veterinary Reception & Veterinary Assistant since June 2008

Crystal is our evening receptionist and also works as a veterinary assistant in the afternoon.  She and her family live in Ellington.  Crystal was also in our local 4H when in school and now enjoys a barnyard full of sheep, pigs, cows, horses and  chickens.  “My animals are my life & I love all kinds of animals.  I love working with sick pets and nursing them back to health.   Bringing comfort to them gives me joy.”  Crystal is very involved in all aspects of farm life.  

Dylan Pincince

Veterinary Assistant since May 2010

Dylan is a graduate of the University of Connecticut.  He has a St. Bernard named Poppy,  an Amazon parrot named Timmy, 2 cats (Whisper & Fenster), a duck named Delores and occasional wildlife guests while they rehabilitate.  He enjoys assisting the veterinarians, trying to improve and enrich the lives of the patients.  “I enjoy observing and experiencing the special bond between man and animal.   Every personality is unique and each animal has personal adaptations.  Although not all personalities are agreeable, for the most part, animals are more agreeable than humans, at least to me, most of the time."  

Stephany Kopyscinski

Veterinary Assistant since August 2015

Stephany and her boyfriend live with an American bulldog named Diesel and a beta fish.  She has a passion for working with animals and has experience working in veterinary clinics in CT and FL for over 6 years.  Stephany enjoys educating people about pet care, medicine and how preventive care helps pets live healthier, longer lives.  According to Stephany, one of the best things about working at the Ellington Center Animal Clinic is being a part of a friendly, caring team and the many opportunities to learn more about veterinary medicine.  Of course, Stephany's favorite task is assisting the doctors during new puppy and new kitten exams.  

Karl Grulke

Veterinary Assistant since October 2016

Karl is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University with a BS in Biology.  He and his family live in Tolland, CT.  He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking & kayaking.  Karl believes animals simply brighten everyone’s day – and they bring out the loving, caring and compassionate qualities of people all around them.  Karl likes working in an engaging and rewarding atmosphere, and loves building lasting relationships with clients and their pets.  “It is always great to see a familiar face come through the door!”  

Amber Mips

Veterinary Assistant since August 2016

Amber is a graduate of the veterinary technician program at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.  She has an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology and will be taking the national exam soon.  It has been great to see Amber learn and grow since she started at the Ellington Center Animal Clinic as a student intern in May of 2016.  She accepted a permanent part-time position with us in August while she continued her studies and upon graduation, Amber has agreed to work full-time.   Amber connects well with animals and finds working with pets very rewarding.  “What’s not to like?  They’re loving, smart, curious, and of course…..soft!”

Christina Rudnik

Veterinary Receptionist & Office Assistant since March 2017

Christina has an Associates's Degree from Asnuntuk Community College and is a full-time employee who divides her time between the front desk and the back office.  She is responsible for providing client service @ the front desk and on the phone.  She also assists with many of the back office tasks such as data entry, coupons, rebates, and marketing.   When not at work, Christina enjoys creative activities such as photography and scrap-booking as well as tennis.  Her favorite thing about working at ECAC?  Meeting all the different breeds of pets…  and who doesn’t love meeting new puppies?

Ron Caron

Practice Manager since April 2004

Ron is our practice manager.  He is responsible for overseeing client services, human resources, community relations, payroll, inventory, book keeping, and website development.  “We are very fortunate to have clients who view their pets as members of the family.  Our staff works hard to make the experience at the veterinarian's office to be as comfortable as possible - for both people and their pets.”